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The TOTE01 is the first product from the TOTEM COLLECTIVE. It is simply the timeless tote bag we have always been searching for, minimally designed with an approach to functionality and versatility. Adjustable straps at three different levels allow you to wear it on your shoulder or carry in your hand for different occasions; zipper on top ensures that your things are safe and sound; and the exchangeability of the patch on the facade is where you can attach different varieties of artworks and designs down the road.



"Creating the perfect tote bag"


Tote bags have been a key essential item for every way of life. From the streets of fashion week to the local farmer’s market, from the bustling art fairs around the world to weekend cafes chills, this simple and versatile accessory has been able to fit in and act as a subtle statement. It blends into any outfits, occasions and cities, and the understated practicality is simply incomparable.  


That is why we decided to kick off the TOTEM COLLECTIVE project by refining this modern day classic, and fixing the problems we always encountered when using a traditional cotton tote bag. Here are the reasons why we think that. 

Bag patch web.png

The Adjustable Straps

The pace of life often comes unexpected, and we need to adapt seamlessly to every single occasion and different occasions. That is why we designed the shoulder straps to be adjustable with three different levels. This allows you to easily wear the bag on your shoulder, in your hand, or even on your elbow.



The shoulder-carriers are casual on-the-goers, with premium leather and a subtle fine curve on the two side panels, it makes it perfectly comfortable and easily wearable. The hand-holders gives the bag a more upscale and formal feel, and you can confidently walk into a meeting with it.



The Top Zipper


We designed the bag to hold all your daily necessities, and that can be a laptop, a wallet, keys, a book or even a beach towel. The added zipper line on the top ensures the safety of your treasures so they don’t fall out easily when placed horizontally like cotton tote bags do.


The TOTEM Patches


Last but not least, the key feature of TOTE 01, if you haven’t noticed, is the four buttons on the front façade of the bag. Made from premium metal with a guaranteed durability, these four buttons embody the ultimate concept of TOTEM COLLECTIVE, and that is the exchangeability of the TOTEM patch. You can easily attach or detach the patches from the bag. 


"It is simply the timeless tote bag we have always been searching for"


Sketches by Joakim Heltne