No:01 TOTEM COLLECTIVE x Gedvile Bunikyte

No:01 TOTEM COLLECTIVE x Gedvile Bunikyte


Hand-painted TOTEM leather clutch by Gedvile Bunikyte. Completely unique piece, carrying the artist’s artistic practice and ideologies. Gedvile Bunikyte’s works are minimalistic and yet astonishing due to the abstraction and conceptualisation that, if to put into words, would be difficult to articulate and understand.

The Leather Clutch, a patch with zipper that surrounds three sides in our signature squared shape. The Leather Clutch is made with premium leather and can fit in your everyday necessities, such as wallets, keys and a smartphone. You can use it as a separate clutch and it is easy to attach or detach from your TOTE 01 through the four buttons on the back side.

The Patch speaks for itself. It is sold in the condition as on the picture. It is a unique art piece hand crafted in Hong Kong. Piece is also shipped to Hong Kong. Delivery time is ASAP, but might be longer than ordinary. For questions please reach out directly visa messenger or email.

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