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Introducing: TOTE02

The TOTE02 is our newest elaboration on the TOTEM philosophy. The redesigned mini version of the TOTE01 gives it a completely different eccentricity and dynamic.

Ready for both the "get-goers" and "chillax-ers", the TOTE01 can be worn  with the longer strap across-body or with the shorter strap for hand-holding. 

It fits an iPad Classic as well as your usual wallets, phones and other smaller items. There is also a zipper at the top for the security of your affairs. 



Introducing: TING01

The TING01 is a versatile creation designed to be used in multiple ways.

The bag embodies the brand’s 19 x 19cm signature patch size and allows you to change the look completely when placing a different TOTEM Patch

The chunky buckle included also allows you to work it as a stylish bum-bag, while the adjustable leather strap allows it to be worn cross-body, making it a versatile option for casual outings.

TING02 Front no strap.jpg

Propagamda Text.jpg



The Propaganda Clutch  is an extension of the original TOTEM clutch.

Inspired by the art of communist propaganda posters, it reinterprets the TOTEM logo, which is  printed on a leather handle.

This patch can be attached onto any TOTEM bags or used as a separate mini clutch.

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