The IHATSU bag is an extremely versatile bag for the stylish urbanites. Carrying the design aesthetics of TOTEM COLLECTIVE, the durable nylon material and leather detailing ensures longevity, and the handholding straps as well as the back straps enable you to wear them differently depending on the situation, allowing a smooth and fashionable transition between work, gym and play.

The top opening of the bag has an elastic strap to be closed up and the bag also features an inner pocket on the inside facade for your valuable objects. The signature 19 x 19cm square leather patch and the four metal buttons provides the possibility to attach other TOTEM clutches or patches for accessorizing.

The IHATSU is one of our favourites of the “Metro Jungle” collection. Also named after a dear friend of ours, the IHATSU is designed with our heart to always make urban life more stylish and effortless. The IHATSU comes with two durable nylon straps on the back to be worn as a backpack or gym bag when you are biking or on the go. The top opening can be tightened up with strings hidden inside, and it the leather handle on top also gives it a luxurious option to hold while you attend more formal or dressy occasions. The intuitive transition of the IHATSU works to fit into our lives while always looking chic on the go, and that’s something the collective is always looking for.

The IHATSU bag is made with durable nylon, with an inner pocket to store your wallets or passports, and also a back pocket hidden on the back façade of the bag for your extreme valuables.

This is a preorder and the bags are estimated to arrive in December 2018. If anything, change we will reach out to you. As always, we are very grateful for supporting and believing in us. If you have any questions just reach out to you here.

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