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TOTEM COLLECTIVE is always searching for the most stylish and functional modern accessories for creatives around the world. This winter, we will be launching the brand new “Metro Jungle” nylon collection inspired by the modern explorers and trailblazers. And today we are launching the exclusive pre-order for the “NING” and the “IHATSU” bags from the collection.


Introducing the NING

The NING is our newest addition to the TOTEM COLLECTIVE family. Inspired by urban explorers and trailblazers, the NING bag is named after our dear friend Ning Lu for his free and creative soul, as well as his impeccable style.

Made with highly durable nylon, the NING bag is extremely light in weight and versatile. The square leather trim and the golden embossed logo on the bag is a perfect continuation of the TOTEM COLLECTIVE design philosophy and aesthetic, while the adjustable nylon strap wears very easily on your shoulder. There is a front pocket layer and a back pocket to store your valuables, with also a cable hole for charging your phone while you are on the go.

The NING is, to us, the perfect size of your daily small bags, and fits your portable battery bank, phone, wallet and cigarette case, which is exactly what you’ll need for a day of exploration in the city, or a night out sweating on the dance floor.


Fitting into every urban life can be difficult, staying stylish and at ease wherever you go. Whether it’s the pain of biking with a leather portfolio bag while trying to look for directions on the phone, or awkwardly showing up at a cocktail bar with your laptop backpack issued by your bank because you didn’t have time to change. No matter we are in Copenhagen or Hong Kong, life can be surprising and we always need the perfect accessories for the road.


Introducing the IHATSU

The IHATSU is one of our favourites of the “Metro Jungle” collection. Also named after a dear friend of ours, the IHATSU is designed with our heart to always make urban life more stylish and effortless. The IHATSU comes with two durable nylon straps on the back to be worn as a backpack or gym bag when you are biking or on the go. The top opening can be tightened up with strings hidden inside, and it the leather handle on top also gives it a luxurious option to hold while you attend more formal or dressy occasions. The intuitive transition of the IHATSU works to fit into our lives while always looking chic on the go, and that’s something the collective is always looking for.

The IHATSU bag is made with durable nylon, with an inner pocket to store your wallets or passports, and also a back pocket hidden on the back façade of the bag for your extreme valuables.



We are happy to announce the official launch of the TOTE02 and the TING01, being now in stock. We offer free global shipping, so wherever you are, you're never too far from getting yourself a new bag.