Introducing: "COLLECTIVELY SOLO" -- Our 2019 Fall/Winter Campaign


In our day and age of modern living, we are ultra-connected at all times, but sometimes more alone than ever before. Human connections and interactions have been completely reshaped and redefined with technology, and forces our entire species to evolve. We are a universal collective, but often times we find ourselves immersed in a solitude that can never be fulfilled.

Some fear the power of solitude, while others adore. We are constantly seeking help to defeat solitude, whether it’s swiping down your Instagram feed or sending emojis in a group message. While it is hard to fight, solitude have also become the highest form of luxury. Cutting off the connections and bonds is seen as a relief and relaxation, where some our thoughts condense and inspirations arise.

Our 2019 Fall/Winter attempts to address that feeling. Named “COLLECTIVELY SOLO”, we explore the bright and dark sides of solitude, and look inside how it reflects on our emotions, our aesthetics, our desire, our inspirations and our human connections today. We invited Copenhagen-based “solo curator” Sedsel Anniceta to take a series of self-portraits with our latest addition bags to the TOTEM family, and here’s the outcome.

TOTEM 2 copy.jpg



TOTEM 6.jpg

The ANYA is a chic bag choice to your everyday life. Sleek and subtle yet with a clear statement, the ANYA is inspired by the French market shoppers tote, finished with the TOTEM COLLECTIVE touch of minimal and industrialism. A everyday companion with plenty of space for your goodies. Carry it in your hand or use the shoulder strap which is able to be attached from the inside. The four signature buttons on the front offers endless versatility to attach or detach any TOTEM Patches as well from our collection. The ANYA comes in all black or with terrier front panel.

TOTEM 3.2.jpg



TOTEM 14.jpg

The ARCHIVE01 is probably our sleekest tote bag model yet. Continuing on the design from the signature TOTE01, the ARCHIVE01 is a slim leather tote bag made from premium leather. It features four metal buckle on inner side of the bags for you to attach or detach different bag straps easily.

And as our daily digital amenities get smaller, the ARCHIVE01 bag fits perfectly your macbook, note books, books or magazines and other smaller accessories. The bag is complete with exchangeable shoulder and hand straps.

ARCHIVE01 comes in all black or terrier.

TOTEM 17.jpg