TOTEM COLLECTIVE x SEAN SUEN Exclusive Edition Unveils on the Runway of Paris


For a few years, Beijing-based designer SEAN SUEN has been a close friend of TOTEM COLLECTIVE. With the exchanges between Copenhagen and Beijing, the collective met in Paris and built a long lasting cross-continental friendship.

Being the first ever Chinese designer to be on the official Paris Fashion Week show schedule, SEAN SUEN has made its name from China and beyond. This season, we have joint forces together to create a unique bag collection in the name of "TOTEM COLLECTIVE x SEAN SUEN" for the Spring / Summer 2019 season. 

In the S/S 2019 collection, SEAN SUEN explores the territory between the helplessness of youth and the freedom of escape, the excitement of running away and the fear that leads into hiding. Not an unbreakable limit, it is a place within oneself where fear is transformed into courage, helplessness into excitement and transforms man into his better self. 

Set in the beautiful Lycee Victor Duruy of the 7th Arrondissement in Paris, it was a breathtaking moment as you walk into the show venue. The white sandstone on the ground slowly transitions into a vibrant and youthful purple, followed by the soft summer grass. The smell in the air was a mixture of late summer sunset with a scent of silent leaves. You can almost still hear the after school cheering of students running outside of the gate, rushing to get out and about. The nature reflects on the escape, while the architecture reflects on the rebellion. 

The TOTEM COLLECTIVE x SEAN SUEN special edition bags utilized fabrics and materials from the designer's latest collection on two new shapes released by TOTEM COLLECTIVE -- The "NING" and the "NONG" cases. The NING case, named after a dear friend of ours, is a waist bag that includes a detachable strap to be worn cross body or over the shoulder. The NONG case, named after another friend of ours, is the mini wallet version that can be attached to hang on your belt, or handheld with a shorter strap. 

The TOTEM COLLECTIVE x SEAN SUEN special edition collection will be available in store and online soon. Stay tuned! 



Photo Credit: NOWFASHION