TOTEM Atélier Presents: DARK MATTER Patch Series

TOTEM COLLECTIVE is always about the never-ending road to create and innovate. Working with some of the most daring minds in Copenhagen and Hong Kong, we are constantly in search of and developing new TOTEM Patches to offer, defining the undefinable boundary of the 19x19cm square patch. 

We are launching TOTEM Atélier project, which we will launch small quantities of one-off patches handmade in Copenhagen by our local craftsmen, using some of the most mind-boggling materials or fabrics and reinterpret them into a TOTEM way. 

Today, we are presenting the first series:


Dark Holo Patch on TOTE 01(Left) & Dark Disco Patch on BACKPACK01 (Right)

Dark Holo Patch on TOTE 01(Left) & Dark Disco Patch on BACKPACK01 (Right)

The DARK MATTER series are inspired by a long Scandinavian winter dream. The darkness of nordic winter makes one wander in one's mind. The fragmented pieces of holographic light shattered onto the "Dark Holo" patch surface are mimics of that cherished magic moment seen through a squeezed eye. The "Dark Disco" on the other hand creates the effect of a dimensional world where lines intertwine and weave into a net that reflects yet absorbs light. 



The DARK MATTER Patch collection are now available at very limited quantities on our online store. 

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