Xenia Emily x TOTEM COLLECTIVE: A Story of Sensuality

Xenia Emily with her self-painted TOTEM Patch & TOTE01 

Xenia Emily with her self-painted TOTEM Patch & TOTE01 

Our dear friend Xenia Emily, who is one of Copenhagen's most interesting personalities you need to meet, had created another TOTEM Patch with her paintings. 

As a model / artist/ self-portrait expert, Xenia Emily is a girl that emits a sense of mystery, sensuality, intelligence and a "je ne sais quoi" sexiness that is irresistible in a speechless way. 

Her artistic works are perfect extensions to herself and her aesthetics, ranging from soft pastel watercolor and oil paintings to  croquis of her nonchalant self waking up to Saturday morning sunshine. It's a subtle beauty that speaks a language of subtle beauty, and a story of sensuality. 


"I haven't been taken self portraits for a long time, and I haven't been truly creative for a long time. It has been missed 💙 here is for a more creative spring with more creative moments. A new @totem_collective patch that I love, and I wear it on my bag everyday ✨ it is a magical feeling to wear your own creations! This bag and patch has become an important part of my dressed identity." Says Xenia Emily about the patch. 


Have a look at her instagram or her website here to see more of her personal and artistic life.