"Sensualist" Photographer Nick Prideaux and His Bangkok Stories

Self Portrait -- Nick Prideaux

Self Portrait -- Nick Prideaux

Australian photographer Nick Prideaux captures the sensual moments of the everyday, immersed with vibrant colors and luminescent light from the transitional moments of the day. His experience of living across cities like Tokyo, Bangkok and more has given him a new sense of photography that reminds us of a phantom shadow, unknown, mysterious and full of subtle emotions.

The images, conveying a tranquil sense of blues, of uncertainty and a swing of joy, anxiety and an unknown familiarity, are powerful messages that hits the soft spots of our hearts.

We spoke with the photographer himself about his life as a creative in Bangkok, the city’s current state of mind, his guide to finding the coolest spots in the metropolis as well as the similar visionaries that inspire him continuously.

1. How long have you lived in Bangkok? Why did you choose this city?

 A. I've lived in Bangkok since May 2016, so about a year and a half. Prior to here I had been living in Tokyo and decided that I needed something a little different. I had never been to S.E Asia before and felt it could be an interesting place to focus on my photography more full time. 

Mathidle , Nick Prideaux

Mathidle, Nick Prideaux

2. Does the city's vibrant tropical colorways inspire your colorways?

Absolutely, so much so. Just walking through the streets and small alleys here you can see such a vibrant bouquet of colors, even the taxis here are a hot pink color which I love. I remember the first time coming here I felt like the palette on display was so in line with the colors that I so often love to feature in my photography. It's an inspiring place visually.

Untitled Sunset (series), Nick Prideaux

3. How is the Bangkok creative scene at the moment? What are somethings the world should know that is happening? 

I think things here are genuinely on a fantastic upswing of work being produced. There are lot's more little galleries and spaces opening up around the city for artists to show their work in. It's wonderfully democratic in a sense that young people just open art spaces and show it, it's really a place where you can really make things like this happen. I'm a bit of an introvert so I'm not so well versed in the scene, but the team at a gallery/ art space JAM and Speedy Grandma always have an array of interesting local and international artists that is always worth checking out. 

Recent , Nick Prideaux

Recent, Nick Prideaux

4. Could you share with us your favourite restaurant, favourite cafe, favourite club, favourite bar and favourite place to shoot in Bangkok?

Bangkok has an unbelievable amount of great restaurants, but my favorite is definitely a charming little local place called 'Shambala' in my neighborhood of Soi Ari. I used to live around the corner from it and I would eat there 3 or 4 times a week, it's incredible. My favorite cafe is 'Ari Bianchetti' - a cafe and bike shop which is a great place for coffee. Toby's on Suhkumvit 38 does my favorite brunch. I'm not really a club kinda guy but White Line has a nice vibe. As for bars, the Soi Nana street in Chinatown has a slew of hip places that I get to every now and again - Teens of Thailand is a good one. JAM is also fantastic and reminds me of my old halcyon days in Melbourne, and finally, the Sky Jazz Bar is a great place for rooftop drinks. I love to walk around and shoot as much as I can on the street, I think the Yaowarat/ Chinatown area is the most interesting for shooting.

Twenty Seventeen, Nick Prideaux

Twenty Seventeen, Nick Prideaux

5. Besides photography, are you also doing any other parallel careers? 

I teach English part-time here to balance everything out, it's an interesting job but not one I'm pursuing as a career. Since moving to Thailand my photography has really been my main focus and the career that I want to do full time. 

Twenty Seventeen , Nick Prideaux

Twenty Seventeen, Nick Prideaux

6. Which photographer/artist do you love the most that might or might not have influenced your work? 

A few photographers I love or who inspire me include Lina Scheynius, Alec Soth, William Eggleston, Daniel Arnold, Leo Berne and Li Hui. 

Mathidle , Nick Prideaux

Mathidle, Nick Prideaux

Check out more of Nick Prideaux's work on his Instagram or his website