Kyle Jeffers Captures Corners You Never Thought Could Be So Beautiful

Canadian photographer Kyle Jeffers sees everyday scenarios with a more creative eye. Garages, cars, iron fences, concrete materials, mixed with the blood orange or crystal blue sky, the construction of each of his image is always genius, and always moving. He depicts the warmness of cold structures, or sometimes the coldness of warm colors. 

Jeffers’ images gives you the impression of a recent departure of a person, similar to the works of Elmgreen & Dragset. You can almost hear he lingering resonance that makes the photos silent, yet the construction and colors are extremely loud. The sense of distance and emptiness, combined with the bright colors and the right lines, Jeffers mix together (perhaps unconsciously) a complex feeling. His minimal yet structural vision has made him a frequent resident photographer for Minimalzine.

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

We spoke with this emerging photographer and discovered his creation process of each perfectly constructed photographs. 

1. I see a lot of automobile and garage feel inspirations in your photographs. Does this have to do with the environment of the area you live in or is it derived from other interests?

KJ: I do believe that the environment that I live in influences my photographs. When I shoot, I travel to places that have more urban and garage feels which is what I tend to enjoy capturing. I believe I enjoy these areas because they are accessible and overlooked by most people.

I like shooting the unseen beauty of these areas because people don't take into account how diverse the places are. If a car is in a photo that I shoot, it is most likely because of the color or the angle and less likely because of a personal interest.

2. could you tell us about yourself? Are you a full time photographer/instagrammer? What else do you do or are interested in?

KJ: I am 19 years old, living on the outskirts of Hamilton Canada. I began shooting photos and instantly was hooked on it. Shooting photos became my main interest and because of that I am currently attending Sheridan College to obtain  bachelors' degree in photography. I use Instagram as a platform to show my work and interact with other photographers for inspiration. I also do a lot of skateboarding which I believe has drawn me towards photography.

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

3. We love the way you capture corners of the street or the beautiful crops of architecture that most people normally neglect when passing by. This enhanced everyday-aesthetics is incredible. What are your thought process when taking the pictures?

KJ: In the area that I live there is next to nothing appealing for me to capture. This forces me to drive to far places so I have better opportunities to shoot. When I am trying to design my shot, I look for eye-catching colours, interesting shadows and abstract shapes or lines that appeal to me. The time of day is an influence on a lot of my photos. It all depends on how I want the photo to look.

I try to shoot on sunny days where the sky is completely blue which allows the shadows to be bold and precise. I look for this type of architecture in urban areas such as factories, industrial zones and city developments. I enjoy capturing corners because of the geometrical feel it gives. Corners can make the shot seem so simple but by having a vast variety of lines that are going in multiple directions it can also make the shot seem much more intriguing.

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

4. Are you working on any other projects or is photography just a fun hobby at the moment?

KJ: At the moment, photography is just mainly something I do in my free time. Recently, I have been focusing on incorporating a flash into my images to give the shots a different feel and capture content in new and interesting ways. However, during college I do have plenty of different projects I work on which have helped me open up to new styles and ways to create art.

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

Photo Curtesy: @kyle_jeffers

5. Do you use your phone for the images?

KJ: I mainly shoot my images with a DSLR but I occasionally shoot with my phone. The phone shots are mainly of findings that occur when I don’t have my camera on me. At the moment I am landscaping for a summer job and having my phone allows me to still shoot even without my camera. If the time of day isn’t right, I would use my phone as a good way to track places I want to shoot.

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