Introducing The Brass Patch — An Ode to Contemporary Interior Philosophy

brass 4.001.jpeg

The philosophy of TOTEM Patches arises from real life, and further extends our reality. Interior design is something that we live with on a daily basis, and each person’s approach to the design of your home tells more about a person than their appearances sometimes.

We are constantly inspired by our surroundings as human beings. Whether it’s the shape of a pottery glass that continues to fascinate you in, or the details of a vintage carpet that someone carefully brought back from the magical land of Turkey, these details always accumulate inside our mental mood bank and await for the right moment to be revisited and recreated.


One of the patches from the “SONOMAMA” collection is the “Brass Patch”. Completely hand-made in the neighborhood of Vesterbro in Copenhagen by local artisans, carefully cutting each piece of ultra thin brass pieces and customizing to fit perfectly the TOTEM patches, the Brass Patch is a simple piece of artwork inspired by the philosophy of contemporary interior design and the art of home living. Each Brass Patch would have different gradient of color and different brush patterns, making all of them unique and individual.


The Brass Patch was created in collaboration with Copenhagen-based design studio—FRAMA, who is constantly creates and innovates our perception of home ware, furniture, ambiance, and even scent.


This year, we travelled with the FRAMA team to the Italian town of Brescia, where the studio took residence in a mid-century palazzo for 280 days and reinvented this renaissance masterpiece and injected with fresh Scandinavian design philosophies, while keeping the pure origins of it.

The Brass Patch in Brescia, Italy

The Brass Patch in Brescia, Italy

We were immersed by the old vs new, the everlasting taste of life that passed through centuries, and the smooth afternoon light that shined on the Brass Patch, which blended the Brescian streets, the Palazzo Monti, and the southern European air so effortlessly altogether.



We are launching the Brass Patch today exclusively on our online shop for a limited period of time.