Why This is the Only Tote Bag You Will Ever Need

From the streets of Paris Fashion Week to the exhibition previews at MOMA, from the busy bustling financial districts to the weekend farmer’s markets, for male and female, tote bags have been a timeless accessory staples in modern time. It carries everything an urbanite needs to be on the get-go, and it can fit into any outfits or occasions, whether it’s a business meeting or to your midnight underground DJ gigs.

But you might have come across the same issues, when the straps are too long to be carried with your hand, or too short to be carried on your shoulder; when you your belongings accidentally spill everywhere from the top opening; or when you simply want to find a simple, cool and sleek leather tote bag to be both a stylish and practical life companion but everything seems just a bit too complicated or overly branded.

Creating a timelessly stylish and practical product was the founding design philosophy we bared in mind when designing the TOTE 01. We wanted to make something that is refined, functional and forward thinking, at the same time incredibly stylish and adaptable to every situation.

Inspired by travel, art and interior, TOTEM COLLECTIVE wanted to create simply “the perfect tote bag” for all modern city roamers across the globe. Here’s why:

Timeless Design

To achieve simplicity is more complicated than you think. It’s not just about making a black leather tote bag. It’s about the shape, the volume, the silhouette, the size and the button placements. We never think it’s a fashionable item, because fashion fades. TOTE 01 is something we want to create that will last eternally with style.

Uncompromising Quality

TOTE 01 is made in premium leather with lots of love and attention to detail, and we promise to take care of your own TOTE 01 if there ever occurs a problem. With fine finishing and design improvements on handles, panels and buttons, we made sure the bag will be your best buddy for a very, very long time, and your relationship will only get better over time. 

The Adjustable Handle

It’s “Bye Bye Dilemmas”. Whether you are 194cm or 160cm tall, the handles of the bag can be adjusted in 9 different lengths for anyone to carry on the shoulder or on the hand by changing the stud positions. The straps are also completely exchangeable at the same time in case you wear out over time.

Infinite Exchangeabilities


TOTEM COLLECTIVE is about art, fashion, design and fun. That’s why we added the four buttons on the TOTE 01 to allow complete exchangeability via different patches. For the launch, we created the Leather Clutch Patch and the Blank Canvas Patch as part of the permanent collections. The Leather Clutch Patch can be used as a separate bag for your phones and wallets, while the Blank Canvas Patch allows you to paint, smudge or stick things on. So please, go nuts.

Never Fall Out

With the top zipper added, you will never need to worry about raindrops or gravity and have your precious (or sometimes embarrassing) belongs fall out from accidents or get wet from acid rains.

One Fits All


Roomy and spacious, the inside pocket allows you to keep the more important things in life, while the bag itself fits a laptop, a book, a water bottle and even a beach towel, making it a perfect partner for the office to the playa!

So forget that mangled pile of logo-splattered, food stained shopping bags under your bed. The new class of tote bags are sturdy, sophisticated and look more like they belong to a person who knows what’s good in life, plays a work-fun balanced lifestyle and appreciates the quality of design. And it will be the bag you feel cool and comfortable to carry all day, everyday.

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