The New Age "Façadist"

Screenshot 2016-08-04 23.21.42.png

In rapid human social development over the past century, one huge issue troubled the likes of mayors, historians, architects and developers around—what is the best way to preserve historical buildings? Façadism is usually the answer when the interior is revamped but keeping the exterior of its original flavour. It can be regarded as a compromise between historic preservation and demolition and thus has been lauded as well as decried.

However, when we remind ourselves to never judge a book with its cover, when the cover of a building has already been demolished into bland and tasteless modern constructivist aesthetics, why can’t we splurge a little and actually seek the hidden message and beauty in it?

This is where the new age Instagram artist -- “Facadist” comes into play. Being part of the Transfer Visions Community, his mission and passion is simple. Documenting quirky facades of post-modern architecture around the world to discover the symmetrical or, many times, asymmetrical beauty, in a complete flat lay, we are able to examine the things us citizens normally are too busy rushing towards your next meeting to have a closer look at.