An Innocent Mind Has No Fear

Fear, as the origin of all human wars, terrors and segregation, is the end product of a complex society today. We realize it, we deny it, while some take it to control, to manipulate, and to destroy. As history repeats, Hitler, Stalin, Cold War, ISIS, Trump, people are afraid of losing, losing what we once had to those who were once suppressed, losing what we believed was the one and only belief, losing what is unknown. It is irrational, it is indescribable, it is void.

What brings freedom from fear, and I assure you the freedom is complete, is to be aware of fear without the word, without trying to deny or escape from fear, without wanting to be in some other state. If with complete attention you are aware of the fact that there is fear, then you will find that the observer and the observed are one: there is no division between them. There is no observer who says, 'I am afraid'; there is only fear, without the word which indicates that state. The mind is no longer escaping, no longer seeking to get rid of fear, no longer trying to find the cause, and therefore it is no longer a slave to words. There is only a movement of learning, which is the outcome of innocence, and an innocent mind has no fear.

In celebration of its 30th issue, 032c and artist-director Ralf Schmerberg created a 78-pages magazine story and a shortfilm based on a fictional unwritten script for the ultimate Berlin film.

“It is a movie about a city now growing in population as it did one century ago at the beginning of the Weimar Era, after Russian refugees arrived from the October Revolution. It is a manifesto about life in the post-contemporary era. Cultural promiscuity has dissolved into a condition of spiritual bankruptcy. Heat and compression have melted the meaning from our past algorithms. This is the second death of God. Aimless citizens wander in search of a new morality. The bandwidth of pleasure-pain has become limitless.”—032c