The Rebels of LA, Palm Trees, and Monsieur Hedi Slimane

The legend of our time, French born Italian-Tunisian designer and photographer Hedi Slimane is famed for persisting on his “ultra-skinny-drug-infused-rebel-youth” aesthetics throughout his time in Dior Homme and Saint Laurent. He has quitted Paris, London, Berlin, and the European capitals in search of a new obsession—The West Coast Sunshine Filled American Cool Kids of Los Angeles.

In the recent photo series he published on The Hedi Slimane Diary, we are seeing the strong continuation of his vision, of his standard of beauty, of the same-same-but-different sexy late night rock n’ roll scene of the so called “New Berlin”. Art has prospered, so have the creative community in the city.

The intoxicating black and white ambiance takes us into another side of LA, where blonde organic bimbos and Pilate-Mums don’t seem to exist. It is where dreams and hopes turn into reality. It is where ultimate rebellious come into live.