Jonas Lindstroem: The Voice of This Generation


The special project— “The Voices of This Generation” he did recently for Kenzo, in collaboration with another hot-child-of-town stylist straight outta Berlin—Marc Goehring, has again shown us the intrinsic sensuality captured by his lenses. 



Jonas Lindstroem, the hot kid in Berlin sweeping across the fashion industry with his exceptionally strong and powerful imagery that perfectly voices out the aesthetics of the disturbed young rebel class. 




As Instagram videos reshaped out ideas of motion pictures on a daily basis, he chooses to capture short and intimate moments instead of still shots, to give the vision a mind blowing effect. It is almost as if we could feel the sunlight, the bird chants, the cool air, the vast grounds and the rebel-like youth energy surrounded in these settings, drowning our emotions and merging into an indescribable moment of life. 


It is abstract, it is about the new ideas of youth, a basic human instinct, a sudden rush of testosterone and the undistinguishable definition of love and anger. The silent-ness of these short clips adds a deeper layer of imagination, free for us to insert the soundtrack of our own. 

Watch The Full Video Below:

“maybe there isn’t a voice for this generation, because each of us already has a strong, preset voice inside.”