Tanapol Kaewpring: Glass Box Consciousness

An up-and-coming Thai photographer working for Wallpaper* Magazine now, Kaewpring took the documentary approach in observation, originated in his education background in Archaeology, and transitioned it into a more fine-art approach.

His renowned “Box Project” combines different elements in the glass cube, such as fire, smoke, light and water. The boxes are placed in the desert, on the beach, under a rock or in the city. The acute sense of composition, with the often contrasting artificial and natural substances in action, colliding in extremely theatrical effect that agonizes whatever feeling one had in mind. It is political, it is psychological, and it is also astonishingly sensual.

“These forces of nature have the capacity for great change, growth, and destruction, and yet they are still able to be controlled by humanity. Even they have their limits. These elements combined with their settings represent aspects of psychological freedom. If we are able to think outside the box, to break the glass that surrounds us, perhaps we could achieve true liberation and happiness”, explains Kaewpring.