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For the launch of TOTEM COLLECTIVE and our first product -the TOTE 01 - we had the opportunity to collaborate with our long time friend and supporter Ren Hang. The result was a series of images interpreting the intersection of Ren Hang's and TOTEM COLLECTIVE's universes. 

After finalising the book together with Ren Hang we were reached by the incredibly shocking and sad news of his sudden decease. Forever grateful for the beauty he left us with we let the pictures tell their owns story of his vision and unique sense of beauty. 



Ren Hang was a powerful visionary with his controversially progressive yet impossibly genius vision in photography, as well as his honest and romantic poems. He will forever serve as an inspiration for us to pursue beauty and romance in life and we are incredibly shocked and saddened by his sudden decease. 

Thank You


Photographer: Ren Hang

Producer: Sui Jun

Models, Pan Siqi, Yang Wan, Qiu Bohan and Li Bowen

Assistant Xiao Fan

Book Layout Design: Lou Benesch