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For the launch of TOTEM COLLECTIVE’s first product – The TOTE 01, we had the opportunity to collaborate with our long time friend and artist – Ren Hang. The result, photo book “BAO”, is a series of images interpreting the intersection of our universes.

Ren Hang was a powerful photographer/poet with his controversially progressive yet impossibly genius vision. The philosophy behind TOTEM COLLECTIVE’s launch collection – “SONOMAMA”, which in Japanese means “the art of leaving things untouched”, aligns perfectly with the surreal combination of nature and the naked flesh of Ren Hang’s well-known photography style. The brand’s mission and underlying concept is to unite fashion with art, making the collaboration a fluid process. On top of that, everyone who participated in this project, from models to producers, are all long-time friends connected via Ren Hang.


We decided to give the name “BAO” to the book after discussion with Ren Hang. In Chinese, the world “BAO” can mean “Bat”, “Embrace”, “Baby”, “Treasure”, “Explosion” and more, depending on the intonation.

In the “BAO” photo book, the freedom of expression and dynamism ingrained in the philosophy of Totem Collective’s products was incredibly captured by Ren Hang’s direct, honest, playful and provocative vision.


Here is the full "BAO" book shot by REN HANG.  


Photographer: Ren Hang

Producer: Sui Jun

Models, Pan Siqi, Yang Wan, Qiu Bohan and Li Bowen

Assistant Xiao Fan

Book Layout Design: Lou Benesch





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