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Contemporary Bags For All.

Function x Expression

With TOTEM Collective, we do fashion differently. To us, it’s not just trend after endless trend, and fleeting photos on Instagram. We want to make things that matter.

Fashion can be art. Wearable art. A way to express your inner state, or your view on the world.

It’s also function. Pieces that support and reflect the complexity of our lives. That can adapt to any situation the modern world may throw at us.

It is no coincidence that we started off with making bags. Bags are the companions we bring along on our everyday adventures. How cool would it be to carry something that’s appropriate for the office, but can just as easily transform into the perfect accessory for the nightclub?

These are the thoughts we had in mind when we formed our collective.

Small & Big

We are Johan, Bohan, David, and Daniel, and we are the collective. We’ve spent the last decade traveling, living, and working across China, Scandinavia, and France, and are now based in Hong Kong and Copenhagen.

What brought us together was a shared curiosity for other cultures and art forms, and a desire to reach out to people around the world. We see ourselves as part of something much bigger, a movement of global creatives trying to make sense of a world growing smaller.

TOTEM Collective is about building and nurturing a platform for this next generation of creativity.



A collaborative approach

We believe that the best ideas are generated through collaboration. Whether it's a bike-loving architect who also runs a fashion blog in Stockholm, or a restaurateur who spins discs on underground dance floors in Chengdu, we have faith in the magic that happens when you bring worlds together.

By including creatives from around the world in our vision for the future, we open the idea of TOTEM to infinite interpretations, laying the foundations for a universe that is complex, cool, and always surprising.

Our permanent collection of bags leave a blank space that we invite painters, photographers, product designers, and other artists to fill by creating their own versions of the exchangeable TOTEM patch. We even have a blank canvas DIY patch that you can lend your own, customised artistic expression to. Because who says that art only belongs within the four walls of a museum?



Johan Christian Chen, Bohan Qiu, David Andersson Sahlin and Daniel Ekström

Johan Christian Chen, Bohan Qiu, David Andersson Sahlin and Daniel Ekström