The TOTE 01 x Leather Clutch + Canvas Patch

The TOTE 01 x Leather Clutch + Canvas Patch



TOTE 01 is the timeless tote bag we have always been searching for, a union of sleek design and functional versatility. Crafted with premium leather, the bag is well-constructed for everyday usage, from the workplace to the playground.

The four metal buttons on the front facade allows you to easily attach or detach an infinite amount of different art and design in the future. Adjustable straps allow you to wear it on your shoulder or carry on your hand for different occasions, whether it male or female, tall or short, and the zipper on top ensures that all your things are safe and sound.

The Blank Canvas and the Leather Clutch

In this package the TOTE 01 is delivered with both the Blank Canvas patch and the Leather Clutch. Made on one side with raw canvas that is used for painting, and the other side with premium leather, the Blank Canvas is a patch for creation. We’d like to invite you to have fun with the Blank Canvas patch, to paint on it, write on it, sew stuff on it, smudge your lipstick on it or even step on it. This is your medium, and we are your backbone.

The Leather Clutch is a patch with zipper that surrounds three sides in our signature squared shape. The Leather Clutch is made with premium leather and can fit in your everyday necessities, such as wallets, keys and a smartphone. You can use it as a separate clutch and it is easy to attach or detach from your TOTE 01 through the four buttons on the back side.

The Exclusive Starting Kit includes:

1 The TOTE 01 bag + 1 Blank Canvas patch + 1 Leather Clutch

Delivery date

We usually ship the next day. Delivery is usually about a week. If there is any delays we will let you know. 

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