We simply aim to support a global creative movement, engaging artists, designers or photographers of all arenas to take part and create their own versions of TOTEM patches in order to spread their ideas across and communicate their beliefs through visual aesthetics.


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For the launch of TOTEM COLLECTIVE and our first product -the TOTE 01 - we had the opportunity to collaborate with our long time friend and supporter Ren Hang. The result was a series of image interpreting the intersection of Ren Hang's and TOTEM COLLECTIVE's universes. 

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We have always wanted to make the perfect tote bag that everybody has been looking for, and with this simple goal at heart, we united sleek design and functional versatility in one and created TOTE 01.

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The first series of patches is based on the Japanese concept of “Sonomama”: the art of leaving things untouched. The permanent and seasonal patches are of natural elements like leather, canvas aluminium and feathers. On the canvas patches we encourage artists and people alike to create something absolutely true to themselves and what they want to express.

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