“A Wearable Art Project in The Making”

Inspired by modern day creatives from around the globe, TOTEM COLLECTIVE is a project started by four young men of different nationalities, spread across Asia and Scandinavia, with one aim to bring together the culture, art, fashion and music they love.

With the goal to create the simplest yet most ideal version of contemporary essential products, while adding an ever-changing element of an exchangeable patch to constantly alter the functionality and aesthetics, while giving the creatives a new canvas to paint their inspirations on, TOTEM COLLECTIVE was born.

Using the TOTEM Patch as the perfect medium to transcend ideas and visions, we invite artists, designers, photographers and personalities to create upon this blank canvas. Sourcing and developing each unique material and pattern, designs come to live in forms that are one of a kind.

We simply aim to support a global creative movement, engaging artists, designers or photographers of all arenas to take part and create their own versions of TOTEM patches in order to spread their ideas across and communicate their beliefs through visual aesthetics. By making these visuals a wearable product, TOTEM is a platform to give publicity and credibility to the next generation of creativity.